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Logo ISS-PRO Graphic design

Made for you designed the visual identity of the engineering company in professional security system, ISS Pro.

The logo shows the lines of a lock that reflects with agility ISS Pro initials.

A protective shield highlights the specialization of the company, which are security and protection. More than the form, the colours of the logo are representing a specific symbolic: red, for vitality, strength and invincibility; black for rigor and seriousness; and white for listening and stability. This colour trio defines the company’s emblem and the values it defends.

01.isspro logo.jpg 02.isspro enveloppe smart watch carte crayon note book.jpg


Made for you design the different printed support : booklet, notebook, business card and so on. Using the same refined and efficient design, we ensure the consistancy of the entire visual identity.

03.isspro tampon iphone embleme branding.jpg 04.isspro carte de visite ipad box tube.jpg 05.isspro tampon iphone papeterie.jpg