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Logo I2R Graphic design

IR2 regroups 30 French radiologists practicing on various sites. They are individually specialized in a specific organ and their complementarity allows them to respond to all needs.

A well thought out visual identity highlights the strength and the size of the structure

She’s putting their specify activity forward.

01.i2r logo 3d businesscards radiologue.jpg 02.i2r papeterie pochette businesscards radiologue.jpg

Define an identity

Made for you created a logo inspired by the iris : The eye of an expert. Permitting him to see what others can’t and would not understand. The symbol is also inspired by the « Hélice » a specific term used by radiologists, referring to the scanner, a powerful and sophisticated tool and showcasing new high performance materials. The choice of the typography and the color blue refers to the technique and the invisible liaison (by “negative space”) refers to teamwork. The agency also created their business cards, headers, envelopes and folders, giving them the opportunity to show off their new visual identity.

03.i2r papeterie pochette businesscards radiologue fond d ecran.jpg